,,Alex works magic, Alex is magic, but this is not the kind of magic you press a button for.  Alex took on the challenge of training Caesar, my three year old German Shepherd, and possibly the bigger challenge of training me.  Caesar had very poor recall and the louder and more intensely I called the further he ran away (I thought, perhaps he was a little deaf, joke).  He would never drop the ball and constantly had me suffering the wrath of other dog owners by stealing balls and running away.  He pulled on the lead so much I thought he was determined I should be able to do a three minute mile!  Alex was the perfect trainer, formed a bond with Caesar within minutes of meeting him and in a short time trained him and me how to patiently work in partnership and trust, with mutual respect and in a positive and rewarding way.  To me the most important thing is recall, she introduced me to whistle training and taught me a reliable, consistent recall with whistle.  Now we are able to enjoy my National Trust membership, with Caesar running around the Surrey Hills and Sussex Downs, yes of lead and coming back.  Magic!  Thank you Alex for giving us so much joy together''. 

John, Kensington


,, Aleksandra has walked my three dogs : two greyhounds Albert and Ralf and border terrier Spike . She has always been responsible  and loving . My dogs have been very happy with her ,, 

 Lucy Birley, Kensington


,,Aleksandra has played a significant role in my dog's development and care over the years. First forming a close bond with Una while she was a puppy. Aleksandra trained Una to walk obediently on a lead and importantly to return instantly when called off lead. Aleksandra have taken Una on regular walks over the years, she return happy and well exercised! Una often stays with Aleksandra while we are travelling and is well cared with walks and cuddles''.

Karen, Notting Hill


We fist met Aleks when Lucky, my mini schnauzer, was less than 4 months old. She has been instrumental in “training me” to train Lucky to interact with other dogs, respond to commands and not be anxious. She is my go to person with anything related to Lucky ( even neutering). She knows a lot about dog behaviour and training and I really value her advise! Lucky is an absolute gem of a dog now ( the perfect dog!) and I have Aleks to thank for. She is the only person I can leave Lucky with without a worry. She takes amazing care of him ( as if he was her!  so I trust her blindly. I could not recommend Aleks enough, she is an absolute star! 

Ana, Putney


,,I really recommend Aleksandra!! Our dog was antisocial towards other dogs, thanks to training and meetings with Aleksandra we have learnt how to correctly behave during walks, better understand interactions with other dogs. She has a very good understanding about dogs and how to come across to them.  Want to thank her a lot! ''

Justyna, Wimbledon



,,Aleksandra have been looking after Elvis the handsome lab and Yoda the cheeky chihuahua for a very long time. The dogs are always  really happy to see her . Aleksandra is extremely organised, trustworthy, professional and most of all caring. She has acted wonderfully under emergency circumstances and we are grateful for her support and genuine kindness. I have no hesitation in recommending her  and I wish her every success in the future. "

 Mary, Kensington



,,  Aleksandra takes Leo for regular walks during the week and for entire weeks when we travel overseas. Leo is definitely not an easy dog to keep, he is 11 years old chinese crested dog , used to be only with us, never spent time with a person that was not from our family, gets stressed very easily and has heart problem. For these reasons  we were worried a lot when we started to work with Aleksandra, however after only few weeks we noticed that Leo was happy to see her and was going out with her without stressing . Leo loves Aleksandra and we are very relaxed when he is with her because we know that she does the best for him, that she is very dedicated and lovely with him. Sometimes, I even think that she worries for him more than us, she always noticed if Leo is not in good mood, or if he needs something , she gives us suggestions on how deal with Leo. You can easily see how she is passionate about her job.  Leo has to take regularly medicine and he has very serious heart disease and we have to make sure that he does not get stressed .So, Aleksandra needs to give him extra cares when we are away and she has always been great in this.  She is very careful and she is very attentive to not get him stressed or tired. Leo was not a trained dog and when we used to leave him off the lead in the park we knew that he can run away. Aleksandra trained Leo to not run away and now we can easily take Leo and our little daughter to each park. Aleksandra is not only good with Leo. She is also very serious and reliable person. She is always on time . If she has any problem and she can not come for the walk she always calls us in advance. If we ask her for some help she always does the best to help us, even if we call her at last minute. We can say that she is very reliable because she spends time  in our house when we are  away. Aleksandra is definitely the dog trainer and dog walker that we can recommend to everyone. ''

Nadiya Petrowa and Andrea d'Alcontres, Westminster



,,Aleksandra is walking our dog Oscar. we have the best experience with her. She is very knowledgeable about dogs  in general. She is very reliable and organised. She is always on time. Basically, she treats our dog as if it her own dog.  We are very grateful for the time she has spent and walks she has undertaken with Oscar. We wish Aleksandra best of luck with all her future ventures. ''

Liff and Klaus, Gloucester Road